Future of Small Cities Season 1: Garage Talks

GARAGE TALKS, the first season of the Future of Small Cities, will feature a range of high-profile speakers discussing issues that directly impact our small cities, including waterfront design, green infrastructure, gentrification, and public art. The series will be hosted by the Troy Innovation Garage in Troy, NY. Founded in 2017, the Troy Innovation Garage was the first coworking space opened by Aurelius Coworks.

Like many small post-industrial cities in America, Troy is in the midst of its own urban revitalization. Located on the Hudson River only 10 minutes from the New York State capital, the city’s compact downtown corridor is bustling with new retail, restaurants, and a popular farmer’s market. Once-vacant industrial spaces are being transformed into luxury condominiums.

But with these new changes and opportunities come new questions: What do we want the future of small cities to look like? What opportunities, flexibility, and lifestyles does a small city offer that are not available in major metropolises? How do we define and protect the values of our small cities as they expand and grow? What does a just city look like? How do we make our cities more inclusive? How do we prepare our cities for the coming climate crisis? The people of Troy are famously resilient and self-reliant, but also welcoming and industrious. The topics slated to be discussed during Season 1 of GARAGE TALKS will touch on some of the critical issues facing small cities all over the country in the 21st century.

Meet the host

Reif Larsenauthor, journalist, and the 2019-2020 Writer-in-Residence at the Troy Innovation Garage—will host and moderate the Garage Talks series. As host, Larsen will set out to answer some of the most pressing questions about the types of communities people want to live in, and how exactly we can define a city around sustainable and inclusive values. He will also host the accompanying Future of Small Cities podcast.

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