Garage Talks is a dynamic new series of keynote lectures and masterclasses
exploring issues of cities, design, and climate change.

The Troy Innovation Garage will host a series of five events between September 2019 – April 2020, each featuring a nationally-recognized speaker and presenting a case study of urban problem solving in action. The first season of Garage Talks will culminate in a forum on public art in cities and produce a visually-rich publication documenting the yearlong conversation.

At each event, a panel of local leaders and thinkers from around the Greater Capital Region will respond to the visiting speaker’s presentation. The idea is to break down silos of provincial thinking even as we embrace the idiosyncrasies of our region—to draw out connections, lessons, best practices. All keynotes will be open to the public.

An accompanying series of masterclasses for a select group will extend and deepen the conversation and lead to possible policy suggestions.

Reif Larsen—author, journalist, and the 2019-2020 Writer-in-Residence at the Troy Innovation Garage—will host and moderate the Garage Talks series and the accompanying Future of Small Cities podcast.

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